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What about a trail for the weekend? If you were looking for an amazing trail in Great Florianópolis to enjoy some quality time in contact with nature, this article is your answer! Continue reading and discover the Pedra Branca trail.

It is a fact that the view can be decisive when choosing the trail for the weekend. If that’s what you’re looking for, know that the view from the top of Pedra Branca is breathtaking. During this article we will present the main characteristics of the Pedra Branca trail, how to get there and some precautions necessary for a pleasant day. Read it until the end and don’t miss any information.

Do you like adventures? Get to know the Pedra Branca trail

The benefits for those who love hiking are the feeling of adventure, the pleasure of discovering new places, in addition to the connection with nature that directly influences well-being. Despite the moderate level of difficulty of the hike, the view from the top will be breathtaking and, perhaps, the main motivator of the long journey.

The view from the top of Pedra Branca is simply stunning! On a day not that cloudy, it is possible to see Santa Catarina Island from end to end, from Daniela to Naufragados beach, in addition to the cities of São José, Palhoça and Santo Amaro da Imperatriz.

The famous stone, known as Pedra Branca, is visible from miles away, being considered an important point of reference for aviators and travelers. In addition, it represents the best-known geographic and historical landmark at the culmination of the boundaries between Palhoça and São José, in Greater Florianópolis.

Located between Sertão do Maruim and Colônia Santana, in São José, access can also be reached through the neighborhoods Caminho Novo and São Sebastião, in Palhoça. For some, the stone is from São José, for others, it is from Palhoça.

The trail is very popular, and attracts a significant number of hikers and tourists who proudly record their arrival at the top of the rock, sharing it on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. However, despite the recognition, the Pedra Branca Trail is maintained and demarcated by frequent visitors. No public agency does any type of maintenance or security in the area. Therefore, it is always best to go with someone who knows the trail.

We had the opportunity to go hiking with the guides from Meiembipe Turismo & Aventura, and this way, bring the best content, with important information for our readers.

The trail path:

We started the trail near the Road Contour viaduct (which is still in the process of being completed), in São José. On the way, we already met people coming back and many groups going up the trail. Everyone was starting early, as it was still only eight o’clock in the morning.

The path can be taken calmly and with some stops for hydration and food. It is necessary to pay attention to avoid false steps, slippery leaves, wet clay and steep climbs. It is recommended to use ideal shoes for trails, which are non-slip.

The total trail distance is 5 km and the difficulty is considered moderate. The climbs require good physical preparation and are not recommended for sedentary people. The average time for the trail, with stops, is 4 to 5 hours (out and back).

With a varied vegetation from the Atlantic Forest and two water points, the environment is very beautiful and welcoming for those who know how to care and respect. The trail is formed by limestone rocks and embraced by Atlantic forest vegetation, orchids and bromeliads, with a predominance of grasses at the top. Scientists estimate that the Pedra Branca hill is about 120 million years old.

When you reach the top, you see nothing but a breathtaking view that makes every minute of effort you make to reach it worthwhile. There are some rock formations for you to take beautiful photos, with the cities in the background and mountain ranges.

Check out a short video of our visit to the Pedra Branca Trail, recorded in March 2020:

Is this your first time on the Pedra Branca trail? We highlight the main preparation recommendations:

1. Wear light and comfortable clothes

2. Closed and non-slip shoes, preferably suitable for trails and hikes.

3. In the backpack, take only what you need 

4. Sunscreen

5. Hat or cap

6. Repellent 

7. Light snacks (fruits, cereal bar, cookies)

8. Around 1 liter of water (there are two points to replace on the way)

9. The use of headphones is not recommended, to avoid distraction on the way.

Attention: Important messages

1. We recommend that you go hiking accompanied by someone who knows the way

2. Let family and friends know where you are going and when you should return

3. Take a fully charged battery-powered device for emergency calls

4. Respect the plants and animals around the trail

5. Be careful when walking on slippery rocks

6. Leave only footprints! Take a bag to dispose correctly the garbage produced during the trail

The Pedra Branca trail is one of the great prides of the city of Palhoça, being a natural heritage that makes our city even more complete.

The Pedra Branca group has been developing a planned neighborhood since the late 90s in the city. Pedra Branca Creative City is located a few kilometers from the trail entrance and is an environment developed based on the concepts of the New Urbanism, which prioritizes the quality of life of residents and visitors.

Furthermore, Passeio Pedra Branca is an environment with more than 50 gastronomic, shopping and service options, located in the heart of the neighborhood. Through urban planning, the environment became cozy and comfortable, shortening the distances between the main commercial points and squares, facilitating pedestrian access – here, you can spend a whole day without having to use the car to get around inside Passeio.


Lastly, to learn even more about Palhoça’s curiosities and understand more about how we built a planned neighborhood, visit our blog to read more articles that can help you on this journey of discovery. Here we have selected 3 posts that may be of interest to you at the moment:

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We hope to see you here soon!

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