Pedra Branca provides free charging points for vehicles

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A photovoltaic charging station was inaugurated at Passeio Pedra Branca in February this year. The novelty is installed in the parking lot next to the Hippo supermarket and is being offered as a courtesy to charge electric vehicles for residents and visitors who use the parking lot.

There are four fast automotive chargers, 22W each, installed in the covered parking spaces that make up the structure of the Photovoltaic System implemented in the second half of last year by Pedra Branca. The system consists of 240 crystalline photovoltaic modules, with the capacity to generate 113,000 kWh per year. The panels capture sunlight and transform it into electricity through the photovoltaic process. The energy generated is used for charging electric cars and for lighting the parking lot, in addition to other consumption by the company.

Charging time varies depending on vehicle model/battery type and the total charge of energy received. A full charge on a Renault ZOe takes 1h50min, on a BMW530e it takes around 3 hours, for example.

Comfort and sustainability 

“The electrification of automobiles is a global trend, as is the distributed generation of photovoltaic energy. Combining the two concepts, sustainability and mobility, which are closely linked to the ‘core’ of the neighborhood, Pedra Branca offers this photovoltaic charging station”, says Ramiro Nilson, the infrastructure manager of the neighborhood. According to him, this photovoltaic system represented an investment of R$ 505 thousand.

Ramiro reinforces that the demand for electric supply of vehicles should be a trend in the coming years and already announces the interest of Pedra Branca in extending the service to the parking lot of the Atrium Building, also located at Passeio Pedra Branca.

The photovoltaic system covers an area of 30 parking spaces, with 4 spaces for electric charging points, 2 PwD spaces, 4 exclusive spaces for the elderly and 20 spaces of the standard type. Implemented in the form of a “car port”, that is, a roof supported by a metallic structure, without sidewalls, the system offers an additional benefit to users. “This way, 30 of the 128 parking spaces provide protection against the sun and rain”, adds Ramiro.

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