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Large cities have developed in a disorderly manner. As a result, many problems have made cities inefficient and insecure. This can be mitigated with small actions that enchant and make the infrastructure of the urban scenario more humane. This is one of the main reasons why urban kindness are increasingly in evidence in smart cities.

Urban kindness are urban actions and initiatives that aim to give a new meaning to the urban environment, promoting greater interaction among people through the creation of attractive and safe urban spaces. Developments that have features that facilitate the routine of residents and visitors and improve well-being tend to adopt actions of urban kindness, such as: wide streets and sidewalks, parks, flowerbeds and access to leisure infrastructure such as sports courts, cycle paths, among others.

Discover examples of urban kindness that help create an attractive and safe public space that can be used by both locals and visitors.

Examples of urban kindness

Active urban mobility

Activating life on the sidewalks allows people to walk on greener, tree-lined streets and frequent more cozy urban spaces. For this, it is essential to adapt the streets to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists, as well as investing in the revitalization of green areas.

Encouraging community life

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