What is it like to live in Pedra Branca Creative City?

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Imagine a neighborhood where you can live, work, study and play in one place and within walking distance. In Pedra Branca Creative City, this has been the reality for more than two decades. With the purpose of building one of the best places to live, the planned neighborhood-city is considered a reference in sustainable urban planning.

To create a city for people, Pedra Branca Creative City implements, since its conception, good practices from New Urbanism in the urban development of residential and commercial developments settled at the address.

The innovative urban concept adopted by Pedra Branca Creative City is known as Placemaking. A concept that includes the planning, creation and management of public spaces totally focused on people, also contributing to the economic development of the region through the generation of jobs and the set up of new companies.

Check out the documentary series in 3 episodes “Nossa Casa, Pedra Branca” (Our home, Pedra Branca), with stories told by those who live the experience of Pedra Branca.

Guiding principles of Pedra Branca Creative City

Discover the 10 principles that guide the development of Pedra Branca Creative City:

Pedestrian priority

A welcoming and safe place made for people, which encourages transportation on foot or through active modes, providing an attractive sensory experience. Clean, safe, tree-lined, low-noise streets, with wide sidewalks, equipped with comfortable urban furniture, adequate lighting, signage and total accessibility. Having then, within walking distance, easy access to essential services to facilitate routine.

Mixed use of the urban environment

The combined use of buildings (housing, commerce, offices, leisure, education, etc.) in a way that complements each other is an invitation to live the street, making the act of walking useful and pleasant. In this way, the spaces attract people, becoming places of conviviality, leisure and culture, in addition to promoting a greater sense of security for residents and visitors.

Attractive and safe public spaces

It is in public spaces that the city flourishes. Meeting point of the different; urban landmarks; stages of cultural manifestations and stimulation of contact with nature and with other people. The awakening of all the senses by aromas, colors, sounds and shapes provided by a joyful combination of cafes, squares, shops, parks, restaurants, wide and tree-lined sidewalks and gardens. Safe and attractive environments bring excitement, surprise and well-being to the body and soul.

Diversity of residents

Conviviality of people of different classes, ages, cultures and races, bringing a surprising wealth of ideas, needs and interests to the urban space. A place like this is happy, charming and rich in relationship alternatives and enables countless and varied aspects of urban life with high social quality.

Sense of community

The satisfaction of feeling integrated into a unique place, being recognized and recognizing most of your neighbors. A place that offers varied possibilities of encounters and experiences. A place with vigor that gathers and enhances the physical, intellectual and creative energy of its residents.

Balanced density

The more varied and concentrated the diversity of uses and people, the more alive and interesting a place is. Density and concentration are also important for environmental preservation as they provide better energy performance, reduce the emission of harmful gases, optimize public transport and water, energy, telephone networks, etc. In addition, it takes up a smaller area of land with buildings and helps to enable more efficient, less costly and less congestion-generating means of public transport in cities, as well as reinforcing the safety of the place.

Harmony between nature and urban amenities

Buildings that seek the best solar and prevailing winds orientation. Balance between green areas and built-up areas. Richness of parks with native plants. Shading with trees along the sidewalks providing comfort and contemplation. Proximity between wildlife and urban life.

Sustainability and high performance of the built environment

Buildings designed and constructed using materials and techniques with low environmental impact, low energy consumption, low generation of greenhouse gases. Constructions with high quality of indoor environment, with long life, suitable for different uses and reuses. Intense use of natural lighting and ventilation, solar heating, rainwater, solid waste management and many other items within the recommendations of the LEED® system, the most important global certifier of green buildings. Respect for the natural landscape, surface and groundwater and wildlife. Pedra Branca is prepared to supply mineral water and treats water and sewage in its projects.


Integration with other neighborhoods in the city, allowing multiple alternatives to come and go. Use of an intelligent public transport system integrated into the metropolitan region and encouragement of bicycle transport by providing an extensive route of cycle paths. An environment that provides greater integration through public transport, integrating cycle paths, shared bicycles and bike racks to bus or subway terminals, and also connection through WI-FI in streets, squares and other public spaces.

Pedra Branca lifestyle

A more lively and connected city, suitable for people’s daily lives, where walking is encouraged. A healthier life. An environment that provides greater integration. Recent studies show that longevity with quality of life depends 17% on genetics. The other 83% depend on healthy practices of sports activities, balanced diet and a less stressful and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Come live or set up your company in Pedra Branca Creative City.

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